Cake Maker...

So I made my kids birthday cakes at the weekend.  I am not a star baker or cake-decorator, but I do it because it's cost effective.
What I wanted to get better at is the icing.

What I learnt from making the cake above is that I needed to make the 2 cake slabs the same size, otherwise there are large gaps when you put them together and you end up putting clumps of icing in the gaps.

When I made the twin cakes, I remembered to cut off the peak on top and cut around the edge of the cakes to make them the same size.  This made the icing smooth and I didn't have chunks of icing in the gaps.

The new thing I learnt is that I need to use a thin consistency with the icing in order to achieve the 'drip' icing effect.

So I have my success criteria for successful Icing of a cake;
-I can cut the cakes to make them the same size
-I can use a thin icing in order to make the icing 'drip'

Next time, I'm working on tweaking the cake recipe to make it moister.

Each time I ma…

I am a learner!

I believe that we are all learners.  At Homai we are mindful that our students are developing into life-long learners.  This week has been another busy week for my own learning journey.  I have worked with Cognition to learn and get feedback about my teacher-coaching role.  I also attended some workshops run by our SST's (teacher aides) where I was able to learn more about the types of programmes they offer to support student learning.  

School Leaders Interviewing Robert Rakete!

Learning new Skills
When Robert Rakete came to school, I knew I wanted some students to ask him some questions we could put in our newsletter.
Whāea Casey nominated Salote Maka and Shenaaz Leaso.  At first they didn't know where to start, but we knew we didn't want to know what his favourite food was!
Part of being a good interviewer is to do some research in order to ask the right questions so we found out some background information about him.  Part of what we found out was that he has a Māori T.V. program called R&R on Tv3.  So Salote, Shenaaz and Whāea Casey translated 2 questions into Te Reo Māori.  
I was really proud of how the Shenaaz and Salote tried something new.  They showed great communication skills. Homai newsletter today, Time magazine tomorrow!
R&R Facebook Page - Robbies TV program